10 Reasons Why You Cannot Either Gain Weight Or Lose It!

10 Reasons Why You Cannot Either Gain Weight Or Lose It!


My experience of losing weight shows that it’s easier to gain weight than to lose it, and diets don’t work. Healthy lifestyle works, self-control works and don’t forget about loving your body. Sometimes you just have to accept yourself, love your body and stop torturing yourself with those stupid diets.

However, there are some important tips, sticking to which you will get rid of unwanted kilos.

1. You are NOT eating breakfast

Or having the wrong one. Healthy breakfast kinda turns on all important processes in your body in the morning.

2. You are NOT getting 7–9 hours of sleep

I have noticed that I was gaining weight on days I didn’t get enough sleep. In this case, you are increasing a weight-gaining hormone, cortisol!

3. You are NOT going outdoors

No matter where at home or work. The lack of fresh air has a negative impact on you. Moreover, light boosts your metabolism, so don’t stay in the dark and go outside!

4. You DON’T clean your bedroom

Surprised? Well, the environment influences the quantity and quality of your sleep.

5. You are NOT measuring your weight every day

Weight yourself every day, so you’ll stay motivated and keeping an eye on your progress.

6. You are NOT leaving the kitchen with the feeling of hunger

You don’t have to eat until you’re full. It’s better to be slightly hungry than lose an ability to move because you’ve eaten too much!

7. You’re NOT going for regular walks

Walking is the best! You’re doing your cardio while walking, so, why not? There are plenty of stories known when people started their journey of losing weight with just walking.

8. You KEEP drinking zero calorie soda

You still believe it’s a diet one? ‘F’ for you! This drink is filled with synthetic estrogen which influences weight gain.

9. You KEEP working late

When it’s late, you are still up doing stuff or watching movies, etc. Try to avoid doing that, your body needs rest!

10. You’re sleeping with your lights ON

This influences the quality of your sleep not in a good way. Your body simply won’t rest!

Losing weight is not that hard, but you have to create conditions for that first!

Source: providr.com


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