Mother recognized a rotten smell coming from her 18-month-old daughter, she broke out in tears when she discovered the cause

Mother recognized a rotten smell coming from her 18-month-old daughter, she broke out in tears when she discovered the cause


Katerina Getsevich, the mother of 18-month baby Accurisa, started to smell something bad coming from her daughter. At first she thought it could be solved with a bath, but the bath did nothing to remove the smell.

Getsevich waited for weeks, but the scent only increased, and she didn’t know what to do.

  • Finally, when she couldn’t find an answer, she took Accurisa to the doctor

    The doctor examined her baby and noticed that there was something strange in her nose … what he found was incredible:

    A piece of a rotten sponge was producing the smell. The sponge was totally stuck inside her nose.

    When my eldest daughter was about the same age as Accurisa, she put a little candy in her nose and then said, ‘Look, Mom, it fits in my nose.’

    When I saw what she had done, my heart stopped, I didn’t know how to get the candy out. She is my first child, and everything is more tragic when you are a first-time mom.

    I called her father at work and I was about to call 911, because I thought she could not breathe (obviously I was not thinking, she was still breathing through the mouth). But then I used my eyebrow tweezers to get the candy out. It was a nightmare. The more I tried to get the candy out, the farther up it went inside my daughter’s nose, until finally I was able to get it out.

    It was the scariest moment of my life at that time.

  • It is more common than we think

    This is an excellent example that helps us all as parents think outside of the box. Children are often naughty, and at that age everything goes in the mouth or nose.

    If our children have a health problem that doesn’t make sense to us or doctors, start looking for signs or symptoms that are NOT logical. And be very careful what children have access to … the smaller the things around them, the more dangerous.

  • The only other symptom

    As reported by The Sun, the little girl sneezed and was ‘congested’, as if she had a simple cold. Her mother finally decideed it was time to take her to the doctor, because Acursia started having green mucus.

    On her first visit to the doctor, Accurisa was diagnosed with a cold and prescribed antibiotics. It was not until her second visit, as the symptoms worsened, that doctors found the sponge in her nose.

    “That smell was so unexplainable, Katerina said. “The doctors were feeding my child antibiotics but all they needed was tweezers to pull out a sponge.”


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